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The estimate offers a first look at the financial toll of reopening city school buildings during the coronavirus pandemic and as the city faces financial crisis.
The findings revealed troubling questions about how lead remediation is conducted in schools, observers say.
See how your district or charter school fared using our searchable database.
In all schools issued 32,801 suspensions during the 2018-19 school year, a 10.5% decline compared with the year before.
In this searchable table, you can find scores for New York City schools serving grades 3 to 8.
The kindergarten waiting game is finally over — for most families, at least. New York City’s education department released placement offers for kindergarten for tens of thousands of families on Thursday. The news eased the minds of parents whose children got their first choice, frustrated some of those who didn’t,
If Williams pursues an education issue, he’ll likely focus on school funding or will push for more diverse schools and faculty.
New York City’s graduation rates continued to tick up, reaching nearly 76 percent last year, education officials said Wednesday.
Based on data, analyzed by Chalkbeat, from each of New York City’s 32 geographical school districts from last school year, the chances of a student being suspended varied widely across different neighborhoods.
A first-of-its kind report released Friday helps compare school funding more easily than before. Use this tool table to to see how your school stacks up to others in New York City. For more about the new data and for a sortable list of school budgets, click here. Budgets vary widely from school to school, partially
The New York City education department on Friday released a report detailing per-student funding at every public school across the district, data that shows wide differences in spending. Though the city projects it will spend an average of $24,200 per student next year, the total can vary by tens of thousands of