Amy Zimmer

NYC schools no longer will report COVID cases, but students and staff still need to isolate for five days.
Students returned to the city’s nearly 1,600 schools on a sweltering Thursday as a possible bus strike loomed.
Only about 2% of NYC parents voted in the recent community education council elections. Turmoil in the office administering the elections may have hurt turnout, some say.
NYC social workers say they are dealing with more extreme cases of school refusal, fueled in part by an alarming rise in suicidal ideation.
The changes mean that there will be 178 instructional days for students on the calendar down from the original 182.
The group, which favors screened school admissions, endorsed 147 candidates across the city’s 32 local school district council seats, with 115 of them winning their races.
The Discovery program helps low-income students who scored just below the cutoff on the entry test get into specialized high schools. Asian American students are the majority of Discovery participants.
The tentative deal with the United Federation of Teachers includes annual wage increases between 3% to 3.5% over five years. It follows the pattern of raises set by District Council 37.
Larisa Bukalov, a math teacher at Bayside High School in Queens, began working with educators in her native country of Ukraine after Russia invaded the country.
The first day of school is Sept. 7. Spring holidays are spread out next year, with a day off for Good Friday on March 29 and for Eid al-Fitr on April 10, and with a week off for spring break, coinciding with Passover, starting April 22.
This year’s offer data shows very little change in racial and economic diversity, particularly for high school, despite seeing the biggest admissions changes.
Teachers and parents raised concerns about the DESSA, a social-emotional learning tool that schools began using last year.
The first day of school is typically the Thursday after Labor Day, but families want confirmation. Other districts finalized their calendars by March.
For future school years, education department officials are bracing for some big expenses to comply with the law.
To house the influx of migrants, New York City might tap up to 20 gyms in public schools to use as shelters, Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday. Tensions are rising over the plans.
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The role of parent coordinator became more critical and stressful during the pandemic. But salaries for the job, which New York City schools created 20 years ago, have not kept pace.
UFT president feels pressure from members who demand a union-wide vote on the retiree health care cost savings plan he’s championing.
Cheriece White, an art and technology teacher at Metropolitan Soundview High School, shows her students how to create brands for the companies they dream up. White was a grand prize winner of the FLAG Award for Teaching Excellence.
The needs are high as data shows worsening mental health among young people, including more students reporting thoughts of suicide.
Schools Chancellor David Banks has been raising the alarm about the recent spate of killings and shootings involving young people, calling it a “state of emergency” that requires more intervention.
Students could have fallen off school rosters for being homeschooled without registering with the state or skipping kindergarten. Others might have disengaged during remote learning or amid mental health struggles.
M.S. 51 principal Neal Singh will leave to work for District 15’s superintendent. Pui-Lam (Jack) Chan, from New Utrecht High School, will take over on Feb. 1 as interim principal.
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New York City’s education department pulled three proposals to co-locate Success Academy elementary schools in shared campuses after locals mounted campaigns to fight the plans.
Queens teacher Thomas Gelardi’s YouTube channel took off during the COVID pandemic. He’s garnered more than 4 million views on his videos that help kids stay active in small spaces.
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The education department told principals the Situation Room will close Dec. 23. Schools will no longer have to send families letters about positive COVID cases.