Transition at Tweed

On April 2, 2018, Richard Carranza became chancellor of New York City schools. A lifelong educator like his predecessor, Carmen Fariña, he formerly served as the schools chief in San Francisco and Houston. Carranza’s charge: to run with the education agenda Mayor Bill de Blasio laid out during his first term, and improve on it.

here's the plan

sorting the students

Q and A

Compare and Contrast

behind the music

dear chancellor

in your own words

next steps

a legal matter

principal power

renewal shakeup

parting ways

mirror image




hiring update

End of an era

year in review

year in review


meet the new boss

visiting hours

a re-reshuffle

Inside baseball

sharing is caring

policy promises

By the numbers

new era

Transition at Tweed

pep rally

pep rally

a guide to a guide

moving on

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