Rise & Shine: What does New York’s late budget mean for city schools?

WHAT ABOUT SCHOOLS? New York lawmakers missed their budget deadline. New York City public schools get almost half their funding from the state. Here’s what a late budget means for schools and students here. Chalkbeat

BUDGET NEGOTIATIONS Unable to reach a budget agreement, the New York Legislature passed emergency spending measures as negotiations continue over issues including raising the age of criminal responsibility. PoliticoNew York Times, NY1, WNYC

CHALLENGING CHARTERS The Board of Regents on Monday turned the usually-routine business of charter renewals, mergers and revisions into a wide-ranging discussion about whether the schools are serving enough needy students. Chalkbeat

COLLEGE READINESS For the first time, every New York City junior will have the chance this week to take the SAT for free during the school day — an effort to help more students make it to college. ChalkbeatWNYC, NY1

TESTING, TESTING The principal of Brooklyn New School sent a letter home that refers to the national political climate, Martin Luther King and Nazis in calling for parents to opt out of tests for their children. New York Daily News

EATING HEALTHY After some products were recalled from school cafeterias, CBS2 asks whether the Department of Education has enough inspectors. CBS2

KEEPING TEACHERS Math for America offers fellowships for outstanding teachers, boosting retention. Governing

CONNECTIONS City Department of Education officials “pulled strings” to help Deputy Mayor Richard Buery enroll his son into M.S. 51, a sought-after Brooklyn school, according to the New York Post. New York Post

Opinion: The case is an example of how “political insiders jump to the head of the line.” New York Post

HIGH RISE Plans were unveiled for a 920-foot tower in Brooklyn that would include two schools. PoliticoDNAinfo

COURT BATTLE An assistant principal in Queens has sued his boss, claiming he was retaliated against for protesting alleged grade-fixing. New York PostNew York Daily News