Rise & Shine: In New York City, segregation starts in pre-K, report finds

PRE-K SEGREGATION A new report finds that New York City’s pre-K classrooms tend to be more segregated than kindergarten. One in six pre-K classrooms were highly homogenous, with 90 percent or more of students coming from a single racial or ethnic background. Chalkbeat, New York TimesThe Village Voice

TESTING TESTING The union is pushing to develop more “authentic” assessments to measure student learning and evaluate teachers. Details are still being hashed out, but the new evaluations have to be done by December. Chalkbeat

WATER WOES The city Department of Education is took measures at a Staten Island elementary school after a student drank water from a fountain that was possibly contaminated with copper. Staten Island Live

TRAILERS To open more seats for pre-K students in Queens, the department of education has installed trailers that were previously slated for the dump. NY1

OFFICIAL VISIT The First Lady of Japan donated $30,000 to a dual-language school in East Williamsburg — and extended an invitation to visit. The money will go towards teacher pay. DNAinfo

LEAD TESTING A Community Education Council member in district 3 suspects a “cover-up” after a city department of education official appeared to give conflicting information about how water testing for lead is conducted. DNAinfo

ROOM TO GROW A bilingual Japanese preschool will move from Fort Greene to Clinton Hill to make room for more students. DNAinfo

APPOINTMENTS Staten Island Borough President James Oddo has appointed his deputy director of education and a new Community Education Council member. Staten Island Live

COLLEGE APPLICATIONS Opinion: SUNY “did the right thing” by deciding to no longer ask students about their criminal records. A study showed that two-thirds of applicants who said they had a felony record did not complete applications. New York Times

BLACKOUT A college student gives an intimate first-person look at drinking culture on campus. New York Times 

MITZVAH The creator of “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda, narrated a fundraising video for Yeshiva University. New York Daily News

SUB-PAR A group of New York University students have sued the school, saying the education they received in an off-shoot program was sub-par despite paying $100,000 in tuition. New York Post