Rise & Shine: Takeover of Gary schools raises big questions

7 things you should know about Indiana education

CHURCH AND STATE: Of the 313 Indiana private schools that received vouchers this year, just seven are secular. So why are so many schools in the program religious? State policy. Read about the dynamic that discourages secular voucher-funded schools and one rare school in Chalkbeat.

REJECTED: Three private voucher schools’ lost their opportunity to get some relief from the consequences of poor state grades after an Indiana State Board of Education vote Wednesday. Read more from Chalkbeat, AP, and WFYI.

ONLINE EDUCATION: Hoosier Academy Virtual went before Indiana education officials for the fourth time Wednesday, where they were able to avoid closure despite six years of failing grades. Read more from Chalkbeat, Inside Indiana Business, Education Week and WFYI.

BIG CHALLENGE: An Indianapolis charter network is looking to take on an major new challenge: managing all of the elementary schools in the troubled Gary school district, which is in the process of being taken over by the state. Phalen Leadership Academies are part of a team bidding to be the state’s emergency manager for the district. Read more in Chalkbeat.

WHAT A BUCK BUYS: A vacant Indianapolis Public Schools building will be taken over by Tindley Summit Academy this fall. A little known law allows the charter school to get the building for $1. Read more in Chalkbeat.

OUT OF OFFICE: The Perry Township school board voted to fire Superintendent Tom Little earlier this week, but they’re staying quiet on the reason why. RTV6 and the Indy Star have more.

STATE TAKEOVER: Indiana’s impending takeover of the Gary public school district — the first time the state has elected to control an entire district — has raised many questions in the community. Read more from NWI Times.

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Indianapolis will hold the fourth community meeting to discuss planned school closures 6 p.m. Monday at the Hawthorne Community Center, 2440 West Ohio St. (The location was changed to accommodate more people, and an additional meeting was added to the schedule.)