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In major test, New York City schools reopen for nearly 1 million students

Most of the city’s nearly 1 million students have not set foot in a classroom in almost 550 days.

COVID cases have already closed hundreds of NYC charter school classrooms

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NYC plans to screen nearly 200,000 students in the early grades to uncover struggling readers. Then what?

What type of instruction will NYC students receive in quarantine? Schools are in the dark.

COVID safety plan for NYC schools: less testing, remote instruction for quarantined students

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Students, parents and experts in NYC and Newark weigh in on mental health in schools

NYC to require vaccines for all education department employees

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Facing a lack of guidance, NYC charter schools are coming up with their own COVID safety rules

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As Gov. Cuomo resigns, here’s how he influenced New York schools over the last decade

NYC is promising expanded special education services after school and on Saturdays. Here’s what we know.