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Here are the NYC schools with kindergarten waitlists for 2020-21

Just over 200 students at 23 schools were placed on waitlists for the schools they are zoned to attend.
Christina Veiga/Chalkbeat

Dozens of New York City schools have waitlists for the 2020-21 kindergarten class, including some campuses where attendance zones were recently redrawn to help relieve overcrowding.

P.S. 8 in Brooklyn Heights had 22 students on its waitlist, just a few years after a controversial rezoning shined a bright light on entrenched segregation in the country’s largest school system. The city shifted zone lines around the popular P.S. 8, where most students are white and affluent, sending some students to nearby P.S. 307, where most students are black or Hispanic and low-income.

The longest waitlist was at P.S. 40 in Manhattan’s District 2, with 27 students on it. The Gramercy school won a National Blue Ribbon this year for academic excellence, but enrolls disproportionately low numbers of students who are from low-income families, are learning English, or come from other backgrounds that could make them more likely to struggle in school.

In all, just over 200 students at 23 schools were placed on waitlists for the schools they are zoned to attend — surprising families since living within a school’s zone typically guarantees you a seat. (Almost 63,000 kindergarten applications were submitted this year.) Flushing’s District 25 had the largest number of schools with waitlists, with four.

Still, the number of students shut out of their zoned school has steadily declined since 2016, when more than 1,000 students were waitlisted at more than 60 schools.

There is often movement off of waitlists over the summer, as some families end up not taking seats, whether they end up moving or accepting other offers, including at gifted and talented programs. Offers for gifted programs are due out in June, according to the city’s website.

See the list of schools with waitlists below. An “s” means that fewer than six students were on the list.

NYC kindergarten waitlists 2020-21

School Name 2020 Zoned Waitlist Size
School Name 2020 Zoned Waitlist Size
P.S. 040 Augustus Saint-Gaudens 27
The Queens School for Leadership and Excellence 26
P.S. 008 Robert Fulton 22
P.S./I.S. 78Q 21
The Academy of Talented Scholars 16
P.S. 527 - East Side School for Social Action 13
P.S. 184 Flushing Manor 13
P.S. 087 William Sherman 12
P.S. 024 Andrew Jackson 12
P.S. 009 Sarah Anderson 9
P.S. 195 Manhattan Beach 9
P.S. 169 Sunset Park 6
P.S. 165 Robert E. Simon Suppressed
P.S. 009 Teunis G. Bergen Suppressed
P.S. 020 Clinton Hill Suppressed
P.S. 058 The Carroll Suppressed
P.S. 094 The Henry Longfellow Suppressed
Sunset Park Avenues Elementary School Suppressed
P.S. 206 Joseph F Lamb Suppressed
P.S. 020 John Bowne Suppressed
P.S. 163 Flushing Heights Suppressed
P.S. 253 Suppressed
NYC kindergarten waitlists 2020-21 NYC Department of Education

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