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The New York State capitol.

The New York State capitol.

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New York Board of Regents to discuss students with disabilities, arts pathway to graduation

New York’s education policymakers will discuss Monday how special education is faring across the state.

Details are scarce in the New York Board of Regents’ agenda for its March meeting, except that staff will give an overview of “New York State performance in serving students with disabilities and discuss initiatives intended to improve outcomes.”

A spokesperson would not elaborate, except to say there will be a presentation on the topic Monday.

Staff will also discuss their work developing a new arts pathway for high school graduation exit exams. Students are required to take five Regents exams to earn their high school diplomas, but in recent years officials have approved alternate options for the fifth test, focusing on areas such as career and technical education.

Right now students can substitute one of several A.P. or I.B. tests for the fifth exam if they choose an arts focus, but not all New York schools offer those options — which is why state officials are considering another alternative. Some have criticized the Regents’ decision to increase pathways to graduation, arguing that it doesn’t ensure all students are learning or are pursuing rigorous options.

The board usually spends Tuesday holding morning meetings, but this month Regents members will attend a training retreat — closed to the public — focused on team building and internal communications, department officials said.