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How does your school’s budget compare to others in New York City?

A first-of-its kind report released Friday helps compare school funding more easily than before. Use this tool table to to see how your school stacks up to others in New York City. 

For more about the new data and for a sortable list of school budgets, click here.

Budgets vary widely from school to school, partially because of the way funding is divvied up in New York City. Through the Fair Student Funding Formula, schools get more money for students who are harder to serve. But principals have complained the formula hasn’t lived up to its promise.

Compare school funding

Search for your school and select up to six others to compare how much funding they receive.

If a school has no data for the last two rows, it is a school that serves students with special needs or offers alternative programs, and their budgets are allocated through a different method.