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Striking new graphics show which kids go to specialized high schools — and which don’t

Center for New York City Affairs

Want a closer look at how unevenly New York City’s middle schools feed into its specialized high schools? Look no further.

Last week, we reported on a new analysis by the New School’s Center for New York City Affairs showing that black and Hispanic seventh-graders who aced their state math or English tests in 2012-13 were still unlikely to attend one of the city’s eight high schools that use the Specialized High School Admissions Test for admission.

Today, the Center shared two graphics that make the disparities even more visible. The first shows what share of students at each of the city’s middle schools ended up at a specialized high school. The second shows where in New York City the students who attend specialized high schools live.

Those following the conversation won’t be shocked to learn that 60 percent of seventh-graders who went on to the elite schools in 2014-15 came from just 45 middle schools. But the other end of the spectrum is arguably more striking. Only two-tenths of a percent of seventh-graders, or nine students, who went on to specialized schools came from the city’s lowest-performing 124 schools.

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