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State Senator John Flanagan, at right

State Senator John Flanagan, at right

Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Tuesday’s mayoral control update: A three-year proposal from Flanagan meets quick rejection

State Senate Leader John Flanagan, who has been threatening to hold lawmakers to another short, one-year extension of mayoral control, put forward a new plan Tuesday.

His bill would extend the New York City mayor’s control of the school system for three years. But another element of the bill — a package of education tax incentives that would benefit private and religious schools — meant that Assembly leaders quickly rejected it outright.

“We are not trading anything for mayoral control,” Assembly spokesman Michael Whyland said.

State leaders are on the hook to agree on a solution by the end of June, when mayoral control expires. Assembly leaders have been pushing for a lengthier extension.

A few measures in Flanagan’s bill will be popular with Assembly Democrats. The bill gives districts like New York City an additional four months to work out the details of an unpopular teacher evaluation law that was passed last year. Districts and their teachers unions currently have to agree on those details by Sept. 1.

Officials from the mayor’s office did not address the education tax credit or extended time to negotiate teacher evaluations, but said they remain committed to a longer extension of mayoral control.

“We are reviewing the provisions of the bill and remain vigilant in seeking a fully preserved, multi-year extension.” said City Hall spokesman Austin Finan.

You can read the full bill here.