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Welcome to the new and improved Let us show you around

Ruma Kumar

Welcome to the new We’re so glad you’re here!

For our devoted local readers who head to their local Chalkbeat sites every day, the most obvious impact of these changes might be noticing our other locations in a new menu:

That last option — a national page that showcases stories from all our Chalkbeat locations — is also brand new. We created it to help readers connect local developments to the big picture in educational equity. (You can also follow Chalkbeat on Facebook and Twitter to find the most interesting developments from across our locations.)

We overhauled our site after hearing from hundreds of readers about their Chalkbeat wish list.

Some of you are connected to a Chalkbeat community already and crave an easier way to learn from other locations we cover.

You’ll want to check out the related stories from other locations that now appear at the end of your local stories.

Some of you live in places where Chalkbeat has no reporters (not yet at least!) but still want to follow our stories from Colorado, Indiana, New York, Tennessee, and now Detroit. You’ll want to bookmark that new national homepage.

And some of you care deeply about specific issues in education and want to see the latest news on those topics, no matter where it’s taking place. You should explore our stories by topic, using our revised navigation.

Together, the changes let us do our job — putting education news in context — better than ever.

But we’re not stopping here. The new homepage and internal navigation options comprise just one step in our ongoing evolution to better serve our readers and the story we cover. To do that we’ll need to continue learning from you, so please give us feedback on what we’ve done so far and take this survey to let us know what you’d like to see us do next. Thank you!

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