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How far is too far? Share your school discipline stories

Nicholas Garcia

The New York Times recently published a video showing a Success Academy teacher lashing out at a first grader. In response, Eva Moskowitz — the charter network’s leader — called the incident an anomaly and said she’s “tired of apologizing.”

But the video has reverberated far beyond the press conference, and has raised the question of what it means for a teacher to go too far.

And as Chalkbeat delves into some schools’ move away from “no excuses” discipline, we want to hear from you.

Teachers: Whether you’ve been in the classroom for two years or two decades, do you have a moment that sticks out in your mind as a situation that changed the way you approach students?

We all grew up with teachers that had a lasting impression. Is there a memory you have as an elementary, middle or high school student where you felt a teacher went too far — or a moment when strict discipline really worked?

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