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Leader of nation’s largest school district tells principals to ‘project a sense of calmness and confidence’ today

According to the Department of Education, New York City schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña sent the following email to school principals, superintendents and field support staff this morning:

Dear Colleagues,

As leaders, it is our responsibility to project a sense of calmness and confidence. Many of our constituents, and you, may be feeling disoriented this morning and in the coming weeks. Our job doesn’t change. We lead by doing the work we committed to. We visit classrooms, run meetings, listen to and inspire others to do their best on behalf of our students.

Classrooms remain the focus of our attention. Children arrive eager to learn, process knowledge, and make friends. Teachers give their all to assist students on their path to success and to support them so they become thoughtful, engaged, and productive citizens. You remain steadfast in your conviction that we are on this journey together, and remain steadfast in your resolve.

Please take care of yourselves and please ensure you remain the effective leader your school, and your students, deserve.