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Vote: Which question do you want answered about school segregation and diversity?

Stephanie Snyder

School segregation and diversity in the city have made headlines in recent weeks — and now we want you to tell us what story to write about that next.

Just two weeks ago, the city announced that it would allow seven elementary schools to change their admissions policies to make sure they enroll a diverse mix of students — more than a year after a group of principals began lobbying to do so.

The debate over what can be done to fix one of the nation’s most segregated school districts was reignited this fall by a pair of contentious rezoning proposals in Brooklyn and on the Upper West Side (where parent backlash caused the city to table the rezoning).

Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that the city has to “respect families who have made a decision to live in a certain area oftentimes because of a specific school.” And Chancellor Carmen Fariña has echoed those sentiments, saying that school integration can’t be forced on parents.

Amid the political back and forth, we asked you — our readers — to tell us what you were most curious about school diversity and segregation in New York City. Here’s a selection of reader-submitted questions we received. Now it’s your turn to vote on which one we pursue:

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