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(Long) Weekend Reads: Inside the failing school system for Native American students

  • Schools for Native American students run by federal authorities are low-performing and dilapidated — and could still get worse. (Politico)
  • Teachers share what stresses them out and how they manage their stress. (Chalkbeat)
  • A survey by England’s teachers union found that teachers there say their workload is increasingly unmanageable. (The Telegraph)
  • Step inside a Denver class’s investigation of a practical problem for a view into the “project-based learning” movement. (The Atlantic)
  • Some subjects can feel off limits for students who are the first in their families or communities to go to college. (Harvard Crimson)
  • A teacher’s take on why “I’m not a racist, but …” enrollment explanations aren’t convincing. (Jose Vilson)
  • A Brooklyn principal’s new school aims to close the gap between her two sons’ life trajectories. (Hechinger Report)
  • A mom says a charter school embraced her child after his district school pushed him out. (Real Clear Ed)
  • Researchers found that schools have in fact diminished their emphasis on fiction under the Common Core. (Curriculum Matters)
  • A white teacher describes what changed after a black student said she couldn’t understand him. (Answer Sheet)
  • An overview of what we know about charter schools’ impact and what we don’t, from an economist who studies them. (The Upshot)
  • A teacher starts a conversation about #whatpeopledontsee when they enter her classroom. (Tween Teacher)
  • How a big congressional deal on the revision of No Child Left Behind could affect accountability. (Politics K-12)
  • And here’s what the deal could mean for on-the-ground educators. (Teacher Beat)