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What We're Reading: What if we graded schools using students' class grades?

  • Amid the hype, a few tips on what to look for in New York’s release of teacher evaluation ratings. (Shanker Blog)
  • One teacher has a suggestion for rating schools without standardized tests: classroom grades. (Washington Post)
  • Parents, teachers and a journalist weigh in on the New York Times Magazine’s Success Academy story. (NYC Public School Parents)
  • A Success teacher discusses what makes his classroom work: namely, an extended day and longer classes. (Huffington Post)
  • No New York City high school offers all the resources a student needs. (Inside Schools)
  • More, not less, reliance on standardized tests would make college admissions more egalitarian. (New Republic)
  • Newark students are protesting against the district’s superintendent and demanding local control of their schools. (Politicker NJ)
  • A long-shot Washington, D.C. mayoral candidate is making a bid to become the “education mayor.” (Greater Greater Washington)
  • Two Philadelphia principals are trying to reinvent the high school experience. (The Notebook)
  • The Common Core standards have become Obama’s biggest domestic battleground since healthcare reform. (Mother Jones)
  • A Finnish teacher says the country’s lauded school system is failing two-thirds of its students. (Yle Uutiset)
  • Girls don’t need different tech instruction. They just need to feel that they belong. (Hechinger Report)
  • Principals aren’t using teacher effectiveness data in their decision-making. (Education Week)
  • In Israel’s school system, there are wide funding disparities and improvised fixes for low-income schools. (Times of Israel)
  • Washington, D.C.’s school district is hiring a “student advocate” to help families navigate the school system. (Washington Post)
  • That story about summer vacation coming from our farming past? It’s not true. (PBS Newshour)
  • Another author argues that Chalkbeat CEO Elizabeth Green’s book rightly examines what teachers do rather than talking points. (Jose Vilson)

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