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New experience requirements for superintendents approved

The Panel for Educational Policy gave the official green light to new experience requirements for school superintendents on Thursday.

The new policy mandates that superintendents, who evaluate principals and conduct school quality reviews, to have at least 10 years of prior experience in schools, including three years of experience as a principal. Superintendents will also be responsible for helping principals to increase arts education, better engage with parents and community members, and focus on instruction—all key de Blasio administration priorities.

The changes follows Chancellor Carmen Fariña’s decision to institute a new seven-year experience requirement for principals earlier this year. Fariña first announced the new requirements for superintendents in July.

Superintendents currently in the positions won’t have to meet those experience requirements, though most would qualify anyway. But the sitting superintendents covered by the new policy will be required to re-apply after the Department of Education posts the job openings, which Senior Deputy Chancellor Dorita Gibson said would happen next Monday.