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What We’re Reading: More states do away with the Common Core

  • South Carolina and Oklahoma became the second and third states (after Indiana) to scrap the Common Core. (Answer Sheet)
  • Consortium Common Core exams are on track to be taken by not even half of American students. (Curriculum Matters)
  • A visit to a help desk for one of the shared exams suggests the challenges facing their rollout. (Medium)
  • A New York State educator walks through an exemplary Common Core-aligned English lesson. (NPRed)
  • A parent privacy lobby is gaining momentum at the same time as states work to build student data warehouses. (Politico)
  • Educators say longer school days are good for students — but not just because there’s more time for learning. (Atlantic)
  • The nation’s largest teachers union aims to rebuild its rolls with an organizing push. (EdWeek)
  • A recent study suggests that decorations on kindergarten classroom walls can actually impede learning. (WESA)
  • Richard Whitmire: Charter-district collaborations are our best shot for overall improvement. (Hechinger)
  • A Washington, D.C. high school principal came out publicly at a gay pride rally. (Washington Post)