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Teachers: Did you vote yes or no on the contract?

To New York City teacher union members: did you vote yes or no on the contract?

Last night, the United Federation of Teachers announced that more than 77 percent of members voted to ratify the contract it negotiated a month ago with the city. We’d love to know more about why you voted the way you did.

Send us one sentence explaining your vote on Twitter @ChalkbeatNY, share your thoughts on our Facebook page, or post something in the comments below. And if you’d like your comment to remain anonymous, you can e-mail us at ny.tips@chalkbeat.org.

We’ll publish responses in the space below:

@ChalkbeatNY Disappointed that healthcare savings in #uftcontract are vague. 2% not a raise if have to shell out 2% for healthcare. — Christian A. Ledesma (@MrELLsays) June 3, 2014 @ChalkbeatNY Not a victory for ATRs who had their rights weakened today! — Jennifer Puglisi (@Rdngteach9509) June 4, 2014

From Mitzie Holstein on Facebook:

“I voted no to the teacher’s contract because I resent the fact that ATR’S are being treated like bad/ineffective teachers. In fact, many of them have been excessed due to budget constraints in their previous schools or got on to the list due to school closings by the former mayor-Bloomberg.”