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What We're Reading: Taking aim at "college for all"

  • Mike Petrilli: We’d be doing high school students a favor if we told them not everyone has to go to college. (Slate)
  • A mom whose black son got into Stuyvesant HS says she would change the preparation schools offer, not the admissions criteria. (Kveller)
  • A New York Civil Liberties Union contest asks teens to describe the civil rights issue of their generation. (NYCLU)
  • The NYCLU is also challenging the use of Tasers in Syracuse schools after one was used on a crying student. (NYCLU)
  • Los Angeles has launched a program to help educators secure philanthropic grants. (Marketplace K-12)
  • A father who toured D.C. charter schools for his son found that they won’t solve inequality. (Atlantic)
  • A mom who was told her son was reading too slowly shares his progress in pictures. (The Meta Picture)
  • Juan Williams: De Blasio’s “crackdown on charter schools” is the best thing to happen to school choice. (Fox News)
  • A Bronx teacher critiques a Connecticut newspaper’s coverage of charter schools. (Stamford Advocate)
  • Satire: Meet suburban parents have embarked on a quest for the mythical perfect school district. (The Onion)
  • Facing History is offering grants covering teacher training and classroom materials to N.Y. and N.J. schools. (Facing History)
  • Maybe studies show charter schools as producing additional days of learning because they actually have more school days. (Shanker Blog)
  • The principal of P.S. 67 in Fort Greene says the school has improved since it was once considered for closure. (DNA Info)
  • Despite the political tumult in many states, the Common Core seems to be taking hold in classrooms. (Education Next)
  • A teacher lists five things her colleagues wish parents knew about their kids, including that they can do more. (Motherlode)
  • Christopher Myers: Just 93 of 3,200 children’s books published last year featured characters of color, and that’s a problem. (New York Times)
  • Finland’s education minister: “School should be where we teach the meaning of life.” (Atlantic)
  • A new study by a Stanford group that has found charter school gains before found them again in L.A. (CREDO)
  • A disgruntled Stuyvesant HS grad says she wishes someone had steered her away from the “cult of achievement.” (Huffington Post)
  • A Bay Area mom reflects on her family’s tense kindergarten admissions process. (A Girl and A Boy)
  • The head of a company that creates free learning tools says his model is the wave of the future. (Dave Margulius)