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Bronx council member touts appearance at Common Core workshop

Not all local lawmakers are souring on the Common Core standards.

City Councilman Fernando Cabrera sent around a press release touting his appearance at a school workshop about the standards today. Cabrera is sitting in with parents this morning at M.S. 447 in the Bronx for a workshop that his office says “has been designed to address the questions and concerns parents have about the new common core.”

“I am happy to provide whatever support I can to help parents navigate this new curriculum,” Cabrera said in the statement.

Implementation of the standards isn’t up to local elected officials. Instead, teachers and administrators are handling how the Common Core plays out in schools, while policymakers in Albany are debating the pace of implementation. Many are advocating delaying the standards’ consequences, which could slow their effect on schools.

We’ve covered a number of workshops and meetings where schools are preparing for the new standards. Here’s a story we wrote last year about a school that gave a tour of its new Common Core reading classes.