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Charter operators say they’ll sit out Tuesday’s rally in Albany

Updated with more schools that have signed on

Twenty-nine charter schools and counting announced in a letter today that they will not be traveling to Albany on Tuesday when other members of their sector — spearheaded by Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz — lobby legislators for charter school funding and facilities.

The 29 schools include some but not all 27 of the ones that last week announced an intention to work with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is planning his own lobby efforts that day around his pre-kindergarten funding plan.

De Blasio fueled Moskowitz’s ire today when he blocked three Success Academy schools from opening or expanding this fall. (He is allowing most of the network’s plans to move forward, despite having criticized Moskowitz in the past.)

Rallies that Moskowitz spearheads — such as one in October in which thousands of charter school supporters flooded the Brooklyn Bridge — tend to be large and boisterous, meaning that de Blasio’s lobbying efforts could seem tepid in comparison.