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Here is the pay schedule for when principals and APs get raises and backpay

Principals and assistant principals who belong to the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators will see their pay increase by 18 percent by 2019, according to the terms of a tentative new deal announced on Saturday. They’ll also get a series of lump sum payments based on wages lost after the last contract expired in 2010.

Here is how that money will get paid out over the next five years (Raises scheduled for dates that have happened would come immediately upon the contract’s ratification):

Rate increases, totaling 8 percent for the 2008-2010 round of bargaining that CSA was not a part of, will be paid out as follows:

September 6, 2015: 2.0%
September 6, 2016: 2.0%
September 6, 2017: 2.0%
September 6, 2018: 2.0%

Rate increases, totaling 10 percent for the 2010-2017 round of bargaining, will be paid out as follows:

September 6, 2013: 1.00%
September 6, 2014: 1.00%
September 6, 2016: 1.50%
October 6, 2017: 2.50%
October 6, 2018: 4.00%*

* 1 percent of raise was shifted from Sept. 6, 2014 to pay portion of backpay for recent teachers-turned-administrators who were originally left out of city’s negotiating terms.

Wages that CSA employees did not receive after their last contract expired in 2010 to be provided in incremental lump sum payments as follows:

2016: 12.5 percent
2018: 12.5 percent
2019: 25 percent
2020: 25 percent
2021: 25 percent

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