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Support Chalkbeat New York in 2014

Dear readers,

Usually, we’re asking public officials, educators, and parents for answers about schools in New York City. Today, our biggest question is for you: How much is Chalkbeat worth to you?

For the past year, we’ve worked hard to provide you access to smarter, more nuanced information about public education in your community. And now we’re asking for your support so we can continue to do this work.

When you donate, you’ll receive our 2014 yearbook, which highlights this year’s biggest education stories and previews stories on the horizon in 2015. The yearbook reflects our reporters’ daily reporting efforts and your contributions, too — as sources, commentators, and change makers.

A group of very generous readers have also stepped up to triple every donation that you make before the end of the year, up to $25,000. So if you donate $100, Chalkbeat will actually get $300 to support local education journalism in 2015. It’s easy to do: Just visit ny.chalkbeat.org/donate today to make your tax-deductible donation.

Thank you,