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(Long) Weekend Reads: In honor of Thanksgiving, how to teach gratitude

  • In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some ideas for how to cultivate a culture of gratitude in the classroom. (Edutopia)
  • Here’s a collection of resources for teachers hoping to talk to their students about Ferguson. (Teaching Now)
  • Working in early childhood education remains a low-paid, dead-end job. (Colorado Public Radio)
  • Early childhood education teachers find themselves in the midst of changing and sometimes conflicting expectations. (Slate)
  • A call for more humanities in U.S. schools says we need to give students more to be proud of. (New Republic)
  • After he won the Nobel Prize for literature, Albert Camus credited a childhood teacher. Here’s what he said. (Brainpickings)
  • A 22-year-old with a faked resume got the green light from New York to open a charter school. (Rochester Dem & Chronicle)
  • Three recent books offer a trip through the past and present of American teaching. (NYRB)
  • Even as the educational game market blows up, some kids are still playing Oregon Trail. (Hechinger Report)
  • But teachers face some struggles using games in the classroom. (KQED)
  • One school of thought is that standardized tests should be harder and cost more. (Atlantic)
  • A new study shows that the digital divide isn’t going anywhere. (Marketplace L-12)
  • Digital learning may not be more cost-effective than traditional classroom set ups. (KUNC)
  • Child safety fears are wildly out of step with the actual dangers most children face. (Vox)
  • And parents are more likely than their children to think of their schools as safe. (Rules for Engagement)
  • Children benefit when their parents talk about race rather than avoiding the subject. (Colorado Public Radio)
  • In New York, after-school programs might be measured for how well they affect students’ academic performance. (Hechinger Report)
  • How to challenge children whose major literacy problem is that they just want to read too much. (Flypaper)
  • Some very silly jokes told by kids (maybe in school), courtesy of the internet. (IMGUR)
  • And speaking of Thanksgiving, have a great one! We are thankful for you.

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