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Remainders: How ed policies led to writer's block for a teacher

  • A teacher explains how an uninspiring year is to blame for his one-year blogging break. (

Yo Mista!

  • A list of top education figures under 30 includes New York City advocates and a DOE official. (Forbes)
  • The long break from school in Chicago continues, this time due to inclement weather. (NBC Chicago)
  • A listicle on what every educator should know about teaching black and Latino students. (Huff Po)
  • Researchers say their approach to assessing professional development is all wrong. (Teacher Beat)
  • An advocate warns that Andrew Cuomo’s state address this week could include some “myths.” (AQE)
  • New York State was pinged by federal officials for not promoting its top-performing schools. (Huff Po)
  • A survey of North Carolina teachers shows a low approval rate for new changes in the state. (Ravitch)
  • The next battle in the war on poverty should focus on ed reform, Geoff Canada argues. (Room for Debate)
  • Tonight’s final “Remainders” edition is a bittersweet one. But it’ll be mostly sweet when we’re Chalkbeat — tomorrow!

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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