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Remainders: Weekend events on after a cold snow day

  • On the year’s first snow day, kids wasted no time finding good spots for sledding fun. (Schoolbook)
  • Yes, Dante de Blasio lobbied his dad for the day off, the mayor acknowledged. (Politicker)
  • School events scheduled for this weekend, including gifted testing and athletics, are on. (NYC DOE)
  • Jose Vilson: Who should wield power in education? It might not all be about teaching experience.
  • Give up TFA and move toward training by apprenticeship, an educator and a writer argue. (Atlantic)
  • The writer of this piece about what leads teachers of color to quit continues the conversation. (NPR)
  • Some Jackson Heights parents aren’t happy about switching districts for just three grades. (News)
  • The celebrities keep coming: this time, Daughtry stopped by P.S. 22 to sing. (P.S. 22 Chorus)