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Remainders: Dante de Blasio on the verge of a maybe-snow day

  • After-school and field trips are canceled Friday due to snow, but no word yet on schools. (GS Twitter)
  • Dante de Blasio is angling for Dad to call a snow day, according to what might be his texts. (City Room)
  • A Bronx high school has the unusual distinction of offering Persian as a foreign language. (PolicyMic)
  • Sad news: Judy Baum, one of the city’s great schools experts, died suddenly last month. (Insideschools)
  • A former teacher says low pay and high stress disproportionately wear teachers of color down. (Atlantic)
  • Author Jonathan Lethem says former teacher Carmen Fariña was “perfect” at P.S. 29. (Capital NY)
  • Even if Ed Sec Arne Duncan weighed in on the city’s chancellor pick, did it really matter? (Politics K-12)
  • The Common Core standards create a moment of possibility for new literacy education advocates. (CJR)
  • A new company, Clever, has gotten its cloud-based data system for educators into 15,000 schools. (Bits)
  • Prospects for universal pre-K in New York City are improving even as funding remains unclear. (Nation)
  • A teacher who mostly sides with Diane Ravitch has ideas for how she can help students. (Chicago Now)