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Remainders: First-day stories from Philly paint a grim picture

  • Tweets from Philadelphia’s first day of school highlight unbelievable budget-cut devastation. (Philly Post)
  • Tuesday is primary day in New York City. Take our voters guides to the polls with you. (GothamSchools)
  • A mother has found a lot to like so far with her kids’ “2 out of 10” school in Oakland, Calif. (Design Mom)
  • An upstate principal who mathematically can’t be “highly effective” reacts to his scores. (DR’s Blog)
  • From Long Island principal Carol Burris, the tale of a teacher demoralized by her score. (Answer Sheet)
  • A retired California teacher criticizes his state’s teachers union for blocking charter schools. (City Journal)
  • Here’s P.S. 22’s chorus with Muppets and George Stephanopoulos. Happy new year! (P.S. 22 Chorus)
  • The instructors of a summer skateboarding class for Bed-Stuy kids say skating changed their lives. (Vice)
  • SchoolBook and the Daily News teamed up to collect first-day photos from across the city. (RebelMouse)