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Remainders: DFER praises Cuomo’s stance on school closures

  •  DFER’s Joe Williams writes that he is tired of education extremists “making s— up.” (DFER)
  • Cuomo names former NYC DOE official as state’s new chief diversity officer. (State of Politics)
  • The Advance evaluations don’t keep other education stakeholders accountable.  (DOENUTS)
  • Has the Badass Teachers group lost its progressive focus and has become batty? (Innovative Educator)
  • According to the city’s annual survey, more than 100 principals aren’t trusted by their staff. (JD 2718)
  • Some of the city’s most well known high schools have new principals this year. (InsideSchools)
  • Survey: One-third of adults say the “most valuable” school subject is math. (Curriculum Matters)

And a roundup of GothamSchools’ election coverage before Tuesday’s primaries: