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School bus drivers union touts ruling in drivers’ favor

Amalgamated Transportation Union Local 1181, which represents school bus drivers, is touting a legal ruling that it says restores workers’ pay and benefits since before they went on strike in January.

From Local 1181’s press release:

Last Thursday, in a major victory for bus drivers and matrons, Judge Kiyo Matsumoto of the federal district court of Eastern District of New York ruled that New York City bus company operators unlawfully imposed their so-called “best and final,” offer which dramatically slashed drivers’ and matrons’ wages and benefits by thousands of dollars per worker. In her ruling, Judge Matsumoto ordered the companies to return to the bargaining table they abandoned in March; bargain in good faith with the union; rescind the wage and benefit cuts and all other terms and working conditions previously imposed by the companies; and restore the wages, benefits and working conditions in effect at the time the companies imposed their cuts.

The strike began when the city sought bids for new contracts that would not guarantee seniority protections for bus drivers; those contract conditions were unchanged when the strike ended a month later, and some drivers lost their jobs because of the strike.

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