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Calling your hallway/bulletin board creations!

Jose Vilson, a math teacher in Washington Heights, posted this picture of his classroom’s bulletin board this morning. “I haven’t done a bulletin board in a long time. Holla,” he wrote on Instagram.

We want to see into other schools. Send us pictures of the hallways and bulletin boards that you decorated this week, and we’ll share them with our readers.

Here’s some more. Dan Gosselink, a seventh-grade history teacher at RISE Academy in Newark, created a slew of posters (see them all) for his charter school’s hallways:

“I was assigned Hallways as my ‘bucket’ for the year and was underwhelmed by the ‘privilege,’” Gosselink wrote in an email. “As I started to work on them I decided that I wanted to use the walls to engage kids in conversation with each other, to be a bit preachy and lastly to be whimsical and fun. I now am in love with the idea of being in control of the hallways all year. My mind is running a bit wild with ideas.”

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