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Rise & Shine: De Blasio's views on charter schools under attack

  • Eva Moskowitz: Bill de Blasio’s charter school opposition doesn’t square with his choice as a parent.
  • Michael Mulgrew lays out a series of ways to change the city’s “test-driven culture.” (Daily News)
  • A judge ruled that wage cuts be restored for school bus drivers amid contract talks. (Daily News)
  • Mayoral candidates panned school co-location plans that they’d inherit if elected. (GothamSchools)
  • Parents also expressed disapproval of the plans, saying they wanted their voices heard. (Schoolbook)
  • Two mayoral candidates say they’d fight against state plans to share student data. (News)
  • The city’s war on truancy now includes prosecutors and NYPD. (GothamSchools, News, Post)
  • Newsday credits Bill Thompson’s and experience in the city’s school system in its endorsement.
  • Some parents aren’t adjusting well to the later-than-normal start to the school year. (NY Times)
  • Once in doubt, a school for at-risk students conceived by two upstate districts will open. (Times Union)
  • Eric Lowry says an attempt to block Louisiana school vouchers would stymie integration.