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Remainders: Arne Duncan's listicle about college readiness

  • The education secretary posted a gif-fueled list of tips for incoming college freshmen. (Buzzfeed)
  • More recess means less bullying and better prepared kids for the classroom, research says. (WaPo)
  • Teachers, send us your classroom posters and bulletin board creations for our compilation (GS in Brief)
  • It’s only been a few days, but the UFT just spent another $750,000 on the elections. (Greg David)
  • A laid off science teacher writes his reasons for going charter weren’t ideological. (Russo)
  • Hey kids, tomorrow is your last chance to get free back-to-school haircuts and supplies (WBLS)
  • Memphis picked its interim superintendent to lead the merged urban-suburban district. (District Dossier)