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Rise & Shine: Charter schools say paying rent will cost students

  • City charter schools in public space say they’d reduce services if Bill de Blasio charges them rent. (WSJ)
  • The city sued the UFT over discipline. (GothamSchools, Times, Post, Daily News, NY1, WSJ, SchoolBook)
  • Manhattan Center for Science and Math’s principal assigned an 89-year-old aide to elevator duty. (Post)
  • Efforts to diversify lacrosse participation, including by the education department, are paying off. (Times)
  • In his new job, former chancellor Rudy Crew must turn around Brooklyn’s Medgar Evers College. (NY1)
  • A year after a cheating scandal, Stuyvesant High School remains the city’s most coveted school. (Post)
  • The Daily News says the next mayor should continue Bloomberg’s policy of closing struggling schools.
  • Buoyed by the Common Core, E.D. Hirsch’s educational theories have gained steam again. (Times)
  • The price of school lunch is officially going up by 25 cents today, the first hike in a decade. (DNA Info)
  • Nocera: The different teaching experiences of three sisters show the need for better ed schools. (Times)
  • A yearlong research project laid out a college prep plan for the city’s next chancellor. (GothamSchools)
  • New York is one of just four states that doesn’t collect attendance date at the state level. (LA Times)
  • To combat dishonesty, Bard College will let applicants replace SAT scores with research papers. (Times)
  • In Texas, avowed creationists are on the board that must approve new biology textbooks. (Times)
  • A Connecticut probe found that wealthy Darien changed students’ IEPs without telling parents. (WSJ)
  • The Post says the city’s hiring of a principal previously sued for sexual harassment was “inexcusable.”