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Remainders: What a D.C. shutdown could mean for education

  • A lengthy federal government shutdown could start to cut into local schools’ funding. (Politics K-12)
  • But two years of fiscal crises in Washington have left already left public education battered. (EdWeek)
  • More anti-testing parent groups have continued to question the state’s assessment policies. (Lo-Hud)
  • School funding issues are once again top legislative priorities heading into 2014. (City & State)
  • Here’s a full schedule of events for the city’s upcoming Parents as Partners week. (CITE Online)
  • An insider account of what went wrong when Los Angeles rolled out its iPad program. (Digital/Edu)
  • A teacher recaps the emotional and physical toll her Teach for America experience had on her. (Billfold)
  • More than half of D.C.’s principals were rated developing or ineffective on their evaluations. (WaPo)
  • Rhode Island’s schools chief jumped from a plane to thank students who read over the summer. (NBC)