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Remainders: The first-day-of-school jitters arrive on schedule

  • A fifth-year teacher says he’s as nervous as he is every year, despite his past successes. (Mr Foteah)
  • The state teachers union panned Cuomo’s comments about “failing schools.” (Politics on the Hudson)
  • Louisiana’s new teacher evaluation system yielded more low ratings than other states’. (Teacher Beat)
  • Against the claim that new teachers can be excellent, an argument for parenting before teaching. (Slate)
  • The case against the case against private schools depends on the existence of suburbs. (Atlantic)
  • Petrilli: Sending your child to a bad school is worse than sending him to a private one. (National Review)
  • A parent-teacher talk leads to the issue of how schools handle kids who don’t conform. (New Republic)
  • A view into how the Common Core is shaking up elementary school math in Louisiana. (Hechinger)
  • The NYC Charter School Center’s chief discusses the future of charter schools in the city. (City & State)
  • Are you smarter than a high schooler who really knows science? Take a quiz with real questions. (Times)