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Rise & Shine: Cuomo calls for “death penalty for failing schools”

News from New York City:

  • Like Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Cuomo said low-performing schools should be shut down. (Daily News)
  • City teachers return today for a new school year filled with many sweeping policy changes. (SchoolBook)
  • And city families are flocking to registration centers for last-minute school spots. (GothamSchools)
  • The Common Core is changing how teachers in the city and beyond handle math and science. (Times)
  • The UFT was the top-spending group in August, laying out $1.5 million on campaigns. (GothamSchools)
  • A main job for the new mayor will be negotiating contracts with labor unions, including the UFT. (WSJ)
  • Report: Stuy’s ex-principal mishandled cheating. (GothamSchools, Times, NY1, WSJ, Daily News, Post)
  • Hunter College’s Jennifer Raab, cited as a possible chancellor, is under fire amid resignations. (Times)
  • The New York Post laments the fact that legislators limited public access to teachers’ individual ratings.
  • Chancellor Walcott’s pre-departure transition team will tackle big-picture and daily issues. (Daily News)
  • The Post calls on the next mayor to allow a charter-style lottery enrollment system for public schools.

And beyond:

  • “Sesame Street” has tweaked its focus to include teaching math, science, and problem-solving. (Times)
  • New rules require English teens who fail reading and math tests at 16 to continue studying. (Guardian)
  • Massachusetts’s high standards and high scores make it an oft-cited example of what’s possible. (Times)
  • Schools across the country are increasingly thinking creatively about physical education. (Reuters)
  • A federal bid to assess education programs’ effectiveness has produced findings but little impact. (Times)