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Remainders: A focus on parents' speech to bridge literacy gap

  • Researchers are trying to get parents to talk more to level the school-readiness playing field. (Hechinger)
  • This is how per-pupil spending has grown from the time of the one-room schoolroom. (Liberty Street)
  • An argument that nixing one test won’t improve the city’s private kindergarten admissions much. (Atlantic)
  • You can watch a livestream of a day of education talks this Saturday for American Graduate Day. (CPB)
  • If you’re heading to this weekend’s high school fair, here are some suggestions from InsideSchools.
  • A teacher offers advice about when to intervene when a preteen whines about school. (NYT Motherlode)
  • In one Kansas fourth grade class, peer pressure leads to record homework completion. (Wichita Eagle)
  • A history teacher explains why a piece on the decline of social studies got it right. (Mr. D’s Neighborhood)