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Rise & Shine: SAT scores remained flat in New York, nationwide

  • Average SAT scores in New York and nationally didn’t improve over last year’s scores. (Daily News)
  • Eva Moskowitz’s charter school rally is recreating a divide within the charter sector. (GothamSchools)
  • Arne Duncan, other policymakers discuss whether the education reform movement is in crisis. (Times)
  • Race, residence and income inequality determine how well students do in school. (City Limits)
  • A Brooklyn high school was evacuated for more than an hour after receiving bomb threats. (Daily News)
  • Reports show K-12 cyber schools are not effective, yet they continue to receive tax dollars. (Politico)
  • Seven states have cut per-pupil spending by more than 15 percent since fiscal year 2008. (USA Today)
  • A study of Twitter messages shows Hunter College HS is the saddest spot in Manhattan. (Times)
  • Los Angeles high school students are hacking school-issued iPads to surf the web. (L.A. Times)
  • The city will continue guaranteed enrollment to students zoned for Long Island City HS. (DNAInfo)
  • The UFT’s president plans to criticize the city for overcrowded classrooms today. (GS In Brief)
  • Officials say the opening of P.S. 281 will help overcrowding in East Side schools. (GS In Brief)
  • Park Slope parents celebrated the opening of P.S. 118, named after Maurice Sendak. (Brooklyn Paper)