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New study finds benefits to Expeditionary Learning model

Students who attended five schools in the Expeditionary Learning network posted higher test scores than similar students in other schools, according to a study released over the summer by Mathematica Policy Research.

Mathematica is the same group that this month assessed the impact of Teach for America teachers, finding benefits to students who have TFA teachers in math. Using a similar methodology, researchers concluded that attending Expeditionary Learning schools also conferred benefits.

The study does not speculate about what boosted scores at Expeditionary Learning schools. But Expeditionary Learning CEO Scott Hartl offered an explanation in a statement.

“Such strong study results are the outcome of a different approach to school – where citizenship and character are at the center of academic learning,” he said.

The study looked at three middle schools in New York City — Marsh Avenue Expeditionary Learning School, Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, and Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School — and two in Washington, D.C. The network runs 12 schools in New York City.

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