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Rise & Shine: City wants to abolish last zoned high school seats

  • The Bloomberg administration wants to abolish the city’s last zoned high school seats. (Daily News)
  • Errors in the construction and scoring of state tests have resulted in students wrongly failing. (AJC)
  • D.C.’s recent math gains were driven by lenient scoring, not stronger student work. (Washington Post)
  • The principal hired to head Flushing High School left his old district amid misconduct allegations. (Post)
  • Many cities are unifying district and charter school admissions, but New York City isn’t. (GothamSchools)
  • Joe Lhota said he would not give an inch on education issues when he parries with Bill de Blasio. (WSJ)
  • Mayor Bloomberg panned the judge who blocked the firing of a teacher who had heroin. (Politicker, NY1)
  • The state wants Buffalo to prove it consulted parents when creating its improvement plan. (Buffalo News)
  • Legal and political challenges are vying to unseat Paul Vallas, schools chief in Bridgeport, Conn. (WSJ)
  • Private school buildings in the city have a new aesthetic, and public schools could change, too. (WSJ)
  • The Post says a new study showing Teach for America’s value is a “mortal threat” to teachers unions.