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Remainders: The expensive national war over Common Core

  • A pricey battle is being waged nationally over Common Core to win public hearts and minds. (Politico)
  • A teacher finds that her advice for students isn’t followed until it comes from an outsider. (GS Community)
  • Tennessee’s evaluations are beginning to dabble with assessments for arts educators. (Ed Week)
  • The city teachers union won’t talk to GOP mayoral nominee Joe Lhota about education. (Politicker)
  • Most schools spend more per student on sports than math, but some are tweaking the formula. (Atlantic)
  • One in five New Yorkers, asked to identify Bill de Blasio in a lineup, picked Arne Duncan.(NYMag)
  • Research suggests that “redshirting,” or holding young kids back, doesn’t help them. (New Yorker, Slate)
  • Diane Ravitch says she knows a mole in the NYC DOE who says the city’s data can’t be trusted. (DR)
  • Dyslexic students read faster on e-readers with a larger font than they did on paper. (The Chart)
  • A student-powered photography project presents over 4,000 images of American “hometowns.” (Lens)
  • Using pictures and captions, students have creative takes on their school lunches. (Buzzfeed)