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Remainders: The latest education "movement" has a softer side

  • An ed consultant starts a “Nuance in Conversations about Education” movement. (Eklund Consulting)
  • With Philadelphia’s budget shortfall, schools have fired nurses, librarians, and counselors. (The Awl)
  • Paul Vallas might finally lose his job in Connecticut after his allies lost school board races. (Atlantic)
  • A Silicon Valley high school club is the first school club to host its own TEDx talks. (EdSurge)
  • Teachers in Chicago got lower ratings on new evaluations and many are concerned. (Teacher Beat)
  • The federal government announced $30 million in grants with $8 million awarded to TFA. (
  • Education historian Diane Ravitch shared an excerpt of her new book, “Reign of Error.” (Salon)
  • Dozens of bloggers and educators have published their sunny takes on Ravitch’s book. (Ed Notes)
  • One mom writes that she’ll resist temptation to constantly check her child’s grades online. (Atlantic)
  • A Florida ed reporter was caught complaining about a school board meeting on Facebook. (Romenesko)