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Rise & Shine: Bloomberg hangs legacy on selective schools

  • Bloomberg’s highest performing schools are selective. (GothamSchools, NYT, Post, NY1, Schoolbook)
  • Now that Bill Thompson conceded, the UFT will back Bill De Blasio. (GothamSchools, NYT, Politicker)
  • Many city teachers will be rated this year on test scores of students they don’t teach. (GothamSchools)
  • New York is switching to a new high school equivalency diploma next year. (Albany Times Union)
  • Bronx parents who piloted online kindergarten admissions give mixed reviews. (Daily News)
  • Many states are trying to figure out how to tackle chronic school absences. (USA Today)
  • A Bronx middle school added ninth grade and 97 percent of the eighth grade stuck around. (DNA Info)
  • The principal of a diverse Crown Heights neighborhood school stresses parent involvement. (DNA Info)
  • Illinois changed the way it grades schools after more students failed its state tests. (Chicago Tribune)