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Remainders: To escape the Common Core, take two math tests

  • To avoid new, higher standards, high school algebra students will have to take two tests. (NY World)
  • Hedge funder Whitney Tilson is shorting a company that he says undercuts the charter sector. (Buzzfeed)
  • A college student says de Blasio’s charter school stances work against him. (Harvard Political Review)
  • Many Department of Education internal emails could be lost when Bloomberg leaves office. (DNAInfo)
  • The case against cursive relies on the argument that there are better things to learn. (Bloomberg View)
  • Students are tweeting and texting all the time, but that’s good for literacy, not bad for it. (Globe & Mail)
  • Another look at New York’s teacher pension system concludes that it’s underfunded. (Dropout Nation)
  • The new schools chief in Camden, N.J., an ex-New York City official, outlines his plans. (N.J. Spotlight)
  • A new TFAer says he was kicked out after getting political in Philadelphia. (Public School Shakedown)
  • Sci Academy and other New Orleans charter schools highlight the complexities of reform. (Newsweek)