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Rise & Shine: Investigation raises questions about test quality

  • An analysis of state tests found that many included flawed questions. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  • Two testing companies that botched city tests are being penalized. (GothamSchools, WSJ, SchoolBook)
  • The city spent about $160,000 trying unsuccessfully to block the release of Cathie Black emails. (WSJ)
  • Joe Lhota says he agrees with Bill de Blasio on the need for more pre-K, but not how to fund it. (Post)
  • Though Bill Thompson’s campaign seems to be on its last legs, the UFT is standing by him. (Daily News)
  • The 20 middle schools with newly extended days are pushing for all students to attend. (GothamSchools)
  • A mother and a bus driver complained after the city crowded a route for students with autism. (NY1)
  • Doctors and advocates worry that schools send students to emergency rooms too often. (SchoolBook)
  • A New York Post reviewer says Diane Ravitch’s new book features faulty logic about education policy.
  • An ed-tech entrepreneur says the city cannot advance until it gives every student a tablet. (Daily News)
  • D.C. has quietly moved away from assigning police officers to schools permanently. (Washington Post)