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Remainders: A smart mom says edu-jargon makes her feel dumb

  • A mom who’s no slouch herself says her kids’ school spouts jargon that makes her feel stupid. (Slate)
  • Schools in D.C. were dismissed normally after being locked down because of the shooting there. (WaPo)
  • Sources say alleged D.C. Navy Yard shooter graduated from Queens’ Hillcrest High School. (DNAInfo)
  • Minecraft, the addictive video game, is increasingly being seen as a potential educational tool. (Bits)
  • When a Manhattan teacher invited students to challenge themselves, one made eggs. (Free-Range Kids)
  • New York City now boasts two Hebrew language-focused charter schools, with more planned. (Haaretz)
  • Unable to get past the paywall to read today’s story about flaws in testing? Try another path. (Russo)
  • A mom lists ways that schools could handle high-performing students better. (Smoking toward N.J.)
  • A new study finds that students, especially rural and poor ones, benefit from cultural field trips. (EdNext)